Thursday, May 25, 2017


Our project was to create a flashlight for kids in Kenya. We created a box in TinkerCad for the flashlight and then 3D printed it. When it printed, the wall was too thin so it broke as we put wires in it and closed the lid. Also, when we put all of the wires in it, sometimes when we turned it on, the box on the inside would turn off so we would have to redo it. The lip where the solar panel was supposed to go in was a little small, so it would  be hard to put the solar panel in it. If we do it again, we would make the wall thicker, and be more careful with the inside box so it doesn't turn off. I would also make the lip larger. This project was a great learning experience.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Bagger

Our idea came from our friend/partner, Tierney. At first, it was just part of our list. Then, we had the inspiration! Well, what really happened was just this… We had over 8 ideas on our list. We tried to do a lot of them… but none seemed to work out as planned. I thought we were positively not doing it because I thought it was just silly, because it didn’t really understand it. But then, I finally understood the meaning of it, and I thought it was really useful.

Our design was one of the many things we worked on together. We understood the concept, but we didn’t understand the design. That was really hard to do, because we had to click on the holes button.Then we had to ask almost everybody how to organize the hole onto the program. Finally, we got it and we were the second group to 3D print it. It took 3 hours for completion.

We struggled a lot through the process of making this. One time, we didn’t know how to do the silliest things like finding the right amount of inches or centimeters. Or like when we didn’t know how to put a hole inside the program. We had to do a lot of researching to find the problems. When we finally found the answer, we were relieved, excited, and amazed.